About us
Getting to Know Your Credit Union


Mission Statement:

"EW 401 Credit Union is a full service, member owned credit union providing affordable products and services to union electricians and their families. We are dedicated to professional, friendly service keeping the members needs in mind."

Our History:

EW 401 Credit Union was established on February 3, 1977. Sixteen members of the IBEW Local 401 decided it would be a good idea to start a credit union because their vacation pay was going into accounts at a local bank that was lending money to non-union contractors.

Currently EW 401 Credit Union has over 9 million in assets and over 900 members. We are a full-service financial institution offering everything from basic savings accounts to 30-year mortgages.

The current field of membership is the IBEW Local 401 and Local 1245, employees of EW 401 Credit Union and all family members of current members.

We offer competitive loan rates and savings products to help you manage your financial affairs. Please stop by today for your next loan request or to join our EW 401 Credit Union family. You may also print out a loan application or membership application and fax it to us at 775-329-2708. Make sure you give us your contact information so we can get back to you.

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How to Join:

You may join the credit union simply by opening and maintaining a $5 member share account. Once you become a member of EW 401 Credit Union, you will always be a member regardless of where you live or work. All members of the credit union are owners entitling you to elect our Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

The Credit Union Board of Directors is made up of five volunteers elected by the membership at our annual meeting. Directors are elected to serve a two-year term. The volunteer spirit is a defining difference between credit unions and for profit financial institutions. These dedicated volunteers give many hours of their personal time to direct the operations and policies of your credit union. If you are interested in more information about becoming a volunteer for EW 401 Credit Union please contact us.

Our Current Board of Directors:


Noel Vestbie   Chairman
Sandra Theiss   Secretary
Margaret Lotts   Board Member
Dominick May   Board Member
Kimo Burgess   Board Member



Supervisory Committee:

The Supervisory Committee is made up of three members appointed by the Board of Directors. The duties of the Supervisory Committee are to review new loans issued to ensure compliance with the loan policies and credit union oversight.


Michael Grunstead   Chairperson
A. Cash Mitchell   Secretary
Margaret Lotts   SC Member
Helen Slattengren   SC Member
Gerard Gabrielli   SC Member